Art Workshops

Creative Souls/ 2020 

Child Art n Nature, is a project that I had conceptualised for children in the lockdown period, initiating creative thinking and awareness towards nature and surroundings. The idea being without mentioning about issue of climate change and its impact, addressing the issue through raising appreciation, love and concern towards the eco-system. Drawing, doodling, art making and creative thinking exercises were designed so that the children feel connection to the existence and to other beings and its impact stays etched in the memory. The workshops encourage imagination and expression with planting in children seeds of conscious living towards environment. 

Playing with lines, colours, thinking, visualizing, imagining, children searched for answers looking both outside and within and in these times of home confinement the workshops look at inter-connectedness and well-being at micro and macro level. By making children enthusiastic hearing to sounds of birds, making friends with a tree, meditating as a seed and growing as a tall tree, talking to animals and  other such exercises that children enjoyed doing and helped in creating a relationship with flora and fauna around.



The workshops has reached children from diverse backgrounds and different parts of India. By creating WhatsApp groups and giving instructions through written text and audios in both English and Hindi language and being in a non-profit format children from privileged and not so privileged homes participated. Children of Salaam Balak Trust, N.G.O based in Delhi working with street children also participated in the Nature workshop.

From August Creative Souls has started online workshops through zoom sessions. We have looked at the elements of art- dot, line and form- understanding its concept and its presence in nature around us.